ARCHIMEDE 4 s.r.l.

Via Gemmellaro,8
96100 Siracusa
Tel e Fax 0931 69701
C. F./P. Iva 01597970894

Monday to Saturday
12.30 - 15.30
19.30 - 23.30

Trattoria Archimede


In 1938 Gaetano Zammitti opens an inn in Via Capodieci, in the suburb of Ortigia, one of the world most famous heritage's center .
He names it: Trattoria Archimede. Archimede was an ancient scholar, born in Syracuse (287-213 BC). He's accountable for substantial scientific discoveries.

In spite of World War II the inn managed to remain open.

In the mid-fifties the premises moved first to via Cavour, and later to via Scinà.

In 1963 the family-owned management is handed down to the son, Antonio, who with his wife Sebastiana Attardo maintains the fine culinary traditions.
They offer their clients delicious home-made, regional cooking, with fresh seasonal produce. Simply glorious food.

Since 1978 to this day, the restaurant Archimede resides in the heart of Ortigia, at n 8 Via Gemmellaro.

The building has three elegant halls with 14th Century arches. Exquisite period décor.

The Archimede restaurant has become an institution with the locals, specializing in fresh fish and seafood.

Since 1997 a pizzeria menu was also included. In a very short time, by word of mouth, it caught fire with all the pizza connoisseurs of the island.